“We've learned our lesson and will work only with you from now on! Thank you so much! We love Neptune Web!”

- Helen Claire
Managing Director, World Teach, Harvard Univ.

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The Firm

The values of an institution clarify the order of importance among good things. Professional ethics, humanist ideals, the highest standards. Neptune Web stakes its future on these values. They define us, inspire us, give meaning to our work and inform every aspect of our endeavor.

Neptune Web, Inc. strives for the highest levels of professionalism. Professionalism means that we take a strategic approach to our client's concerns.

Professionalism means we prioritize our time on behalf of our clients, working on the most important and difficult problems first.

Professionalism means that every correspondence is polished and accurate.

We have deep respect for our clients, our work, and for one another.

We strive to make each project we do a valuable investment. We see technology as a means - not an end. Each project starts with a business-level consultation early in an engagement.

We are responsive to emails, phone calls and deadlines. We do not make our client's wait for a response. If the response requires more time, we get back to our clients immediately to let them know we are working on the task.

We earn our clients' trust through commitment, quality and reliability.  We see service as an important and valuable contribution.

We will make sure that the decision to work with Neptune Web is always the right one, rewarded with solutions that meet or surpass expectations and reflect the highest bar of excellence in our field.