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Best practices for retooling your SEO.

SEO Strategies for Secure Search: 3 of 4

In the second blog post in this series, we talked about the need to transition your SEO from a macro keywords-driven strategy to a page-oriented approach. The key activity is in pairing the right keywords with the specific content of a page.

How to start with an SEO revamp

Revamping your SEO to address the new realities of secure search is similar to the classic “how do you eat an elephant?” conundrum. Take it one bite at a time.

We’d suggest the first step to determine which pages need the most attention, in terms of aligning high-performing keywords with on-page content. Naturally, you’ll want to focus your optimization effort first on your most important webpages. An alternate yet complementary approach is to focus on a group of pages that relate to a particular service or business area.

Key Content Points

With the intensified importance of the page due to the now omnipresent secure search, appropriate and powerful content is more important than ever. Here are a few good questions to ask:

  • Is the content a bit thin on some of these pages?
  • Do you have excessive duplicate or overlapping content across several pages?
  • How are the keywords you’ve chosen lining up with the overall message?
  • How do competitors’ pages compare to yours — mano a mano — in terms of the strength and appropriateness of content?

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