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SEO Strategies for Secure Search: 4 of 4

In the previous blogposts in this series, we talked about the process of converting your SEO program to meet the new reality of page-focused Secure Search. The crux of this process is the need to strengthen and optimize individual pages — while pairing them with high-performing keywords to build traffic, improve conversion rates, and increase revenue.

Compiling accurate and actionable data. 

The tried-and-true methods developed and honed during the Pre-Secure Search Era — which ended quite abruptly in the fall — need to be revisited and augmented.

The key issue today is how to get an accurate view of current reality by compiling real metrics at the page level. This is now the “source of truth” data needed to transform the effectiveness of an overall SEO effort. And there is a growing imperative to obtain this in-depth data with strong correlations to pages and keywords.

New tools to address the new reality.

New groundbreaking features — on analytics tools such as Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) and Majestic Backlinks — have surfaced to help capture and mine the page-based data needed in today’s secure search environment. These data-rich features have quickly become must-haves for digital marketers who want to retain a competitive edge with their websites, while continuing to be highly visible in this era of shifted focus.

The introduction of full-scale secure search is undeniably a major watershed, which greatly affects the theory and practice of SEO. It is now the collective task of SEO practitioners to adapt our systems and methods. To ensure the continued collection of meaningful real-time data. And to improve our clients’ conversion rates and revenues as a result.

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