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Form Builder module for the Neptune Web Edit CMS

At Neptune Web, we always make efforts to improve our Neptune Web Edit CMS with suggestions from clients.  The latest addition is the form builder module.

The form builder allows users to create submission forms for web pages. We know from the experience of developing web sites and supporting them that one of the most frequent tasks requested by clients is creating new forms or making changes to existing forms. With the help of the form builder module, this task will be fully available in the CMS, without the need for server side programming each time a form is updated. This allows for easier user control of form fields and automatic processing submissions

Neptune Web CMS Form Builder

SEO and Lead Conversion Benefits

The module provides SEO / lead-capture improvements — forms can be used on landing pages along with calls to action used for various campaigns.

The new module will has the following features:

  • Standard form fields: text, textarea, select dropdown, file upload, check/radio boxes
  • Google reCAPTCHA support
  • default field values, mandatory fields and email field validation
  • Page-picker for form display on specific URLs
  • custom thank-you message on the page or redirect to another URL once the form is submitted
  • generate an email notification to an administrative address containing submitted form data
  • submissions will be saved in a database, with the ability to view and download submissions
  • output in simple HTML for CSS styling

We plan to integrate additional functionality in the future so this list will get updated if needed.

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