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Fueling e-commerce with triggered transactional emails

By now, most marketers are familiar with the process of sending out promotional email blasts. The fact is, these salesworthy outreach vehicles — which can become counterproductive when sent out too aggressively or too frequently — are just one element of an effective email marketing program.

A key e-commerce element to develop is a corollary program of triggered transactional emails — a valuable ally for building overall audience engagement and ongoing customer relationships. Here are a few idea to get you thinking in a transactional way:

Revitalize abandoned buying processes.

A solid website-traffic analytics program will enable you to follow the breadcrumbs back to visitors who’ve fallen off after an initial search, in the middle of a browsing session, and after placing items in their shopping cart. Any of these events can trigger a transactional email to rekindle their interest.

One tried-and-true device is a “did you forget something” email within a few hours after an abandoned shopping cart session. Another is a “would you like to add another item to your cart” type message, sent the next day, suggesting other products the visitor might be interested in.

Build an actionable database.

Whether it’s right within a robust traffic analytics application, or in conjunction with a wider ERP-powered knowledge base, the ability to mine and analyze behavioral data is key to maximizing the effective of your ongoing digital marketing initiatives.

Factors to consider include the typical timeline it takes for a site visitor to make a purchase after making an initial visit, and whether you’re having success at encouraging repeat visits to your site. Keep an eye on customers and their behaviors at key points in the decision/buying process. And set up triggers to release transactional emails with relevant messages for the most crucial points of engagement.

Ensure your website is up to the task.

As with any website-related marketing initiative, it’s crucial that your site is aligned with the latest standards and best practices for streamlined infrastructure, mobile-friendliness and effective SEO. Enlist a digital marketing firm with in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies to assess your site’s current readiness, and to make informed suggestions for technology improvements to make your site more efficient and effective.

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