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Getting Social Media to Get Business.

As with other media and marketing channels, you need to adopt field-proven strategies to maximize your results from social media. Here are some valuable ways to generate interest, inquiries and leads — in order to grow your business and enhance your bottom line.

There’s no substitute for effective targeting.

No matter what social media channel(s) you choose, a buckshot approach won’t work any better than in other forms of media. The initial task is to properly identify your target markets and audiences — while determining the best channel to reach each one.

High-quality content is everything.

How often should you post a status? Whenever you truly have some substantial and valuable to share. Targeted, high-quality content is always the first consideration. You also want to space-out statuses enough so followers won’t feel like they’re being spammed.

Streamline contact forms for user-friendliness.

It’s usually easier for a prospect to hold back, rather than responding immediately. Well-placed contact forms can overcome this natural inertia. The idea is to design forms that collect key information for pre-qualifying these time-pressed prospects — without turning your contact form into an instant assignment.

Find the best times to post your statuses.

Just as there are better days and times than others to make sales calls, the same goes for status updates. This also varies with each audience you’re trying to reach. A Google search will connect you with a number of studies in this area. A/B testing can also be used, at different points on different days, to see when you can generate the most responses and leads.

Don’t be afraid to get graphic.

Social media is a world of short attention spans. An engaging video clip — or even a simple infographic — can be the “stopper” you need to get someone to linger a few seconds on your status post. Giving you just enough time to encourage deeper engagement by sharing some truly useful information.

Make it a banner day.

Today, many social networks today offer you the ability to add free banners to your company page. A smartly designed banner with a link back to your site can serve as a great click-through generator: to help convert page visitors into bona fide prospects or followers.

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