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Increasing engagement and revenue through behavioral marketing.

With its one-size-fits-all messages, “buckshot” marketing was often an effective approach in the bygone days of mass-media domination.

Behavioral marketing — based on robust data, real-time analytics and advanced insights — is the key to ROI in today’s highly-interactive digital marketing environment. This article speaks to the macro-level steps needed to set the stage for a successful behavioral marketing effort.

Merge data silos into a single CRM-based resource.

In a typical enterprise, different types of information — such as physical orders, e-commerce data, product information and customer relationship details — often exist across a loosely connected network of systems. In a behavioral marketing initiative, it’s crucial to aggregate all of this information within a single CRM-driven platform. This creates a foundational knowledgebase with the requisite flexibility and accessibility needed to evolve with the behavioral marketing effort.

Identify actionable segments within your database.

Maybe your company has a fairly diverse family of products/services that appeal to very different audiences. Or you could be a retailer that markets to surrogate audiences, such as gift-givers and parents buying for children. You may also be involved with seasonal offerings that come with a short window of opportunity.

It’s not enough for your database to be comprehensive. You need an actionable knowledge resource that gives you the ability to identify and address the most promising subgroups within your aggregate database of customers and prospects.

Leverage data insights to address wants and needs.

A sophisticated analytics platform can provide you with valuable insights to help segment your database, according to multiple sets of criteria. This enables you to not only see what people are buying and when. It also tells you what people are searching for. You can also automate the digital marketing process by setting up logical decision paths and digital workflows, based on the specific actions taken by each individual respondent. These are designed to lead the respondent on a discovery path that can most logically lead to a conversion.

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Craft relevant messages for specific segments.

With behavioral marketing, more than ever, there is a direct relationship between relevance and revenue. In fact, studies have shown it’s possible to boost engagement and spend levels by as much as 100% when messaging/offers are expertly targeted to carefully segmented audiences. Making suggestions that closely align with an individual’s buying behaviors and preferences will boost conversion rates. Beyond that, it helps to establish a credibility factor with the customer that positions your company/offerings as a valuable resource for the long term.

Create emails with people-on-the-fly in mind.

Just as it’s imperative for your website to be mobile-friendly, the same goes for your digital marketing pieces. More and more people are reading their emails on the fly these days. They are also more prone to make an on-the-spot decision/purchase without even visiting or returning to your site.

For these reasons, your quest to heighten messaging substance and relevance needs to begin at the point of outreach. Also make sure to include engaging call-to-action links at key junctures — to make it easy for recipients to click through whenever the spirit moves them

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