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The process of finding the website pages where visitors are dropping off — and optimizing the pages that are attracting the best prospects — is key to maximizing conversion rates. Ttake a thoughtful look at your website analytics. First, to get a firm handle on current visitor behavior. Second, ensure relevant messaging and clear calls-to-action. Here are some action items to focus on:

Troubleshoot pages with high exit rates.

Look at the navigation path to and from a particular page. Are people leaving the site or just going to another page? Visitors could be skating away for a variety of reasons.  They are being led to the page - via linking or search results, but the on-page information isn’t telling them what they need to know. In this case, revamp page messaging to align with their expectations.

Fine-tune pages that generate the most desirable traffic.

The homepage isn’t the most visited page for many sites. It’s crucial to determine your most-visited pages — minimize exit and bounce rates — and optimize them for maximum conversion. What are the top keywords that are driving people to a page? Can these visitors get to the call-to-action and a deeper level of engagement with a minimum of steps?

Analyze the behavior of your sales funnels.

All site visitors are not created equal. And often, visitors from certain sources/funnels are more valuable than others. For instance, you may find that visitors from email are more aligned with your brand/product than people you’re attracting from social media.

A close look at your analytics will tell you who your most valuable visitors are — what pages they’re winding up on — and how they’re being attracted in the first place. This will help uncover how people are finding you, along with the most promising paths for conversion and deeper engagement. 

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