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Putting your value proposition to the test.

For many marketers, their value proposition is based largely on what they think they know about their prospects and customers. This can wind up being very different than actual reality.

The ability to vary content via email marketing provides an outstanding opportunity to test multiple messages, while also building a sense of urgency that can lead to accelerated response times and greater response rates. Here are a few examples of how to use the power of testing to hone your value proposition while driving subscribership, response and conversions.

Use online surveys to prioritize points of value.

You can certainly guess what your prospects/customers are most interested in. Then again, you can simply ask. A brief online survey will not only tell you what the hottest topics are across the board. It will also help determine the key areas of interest for various personas and subgroups within your audience.

Test messaging to optimize emails and landing pages.

As you’re honing value proposition(s) to align with research and feedback, make sure to communicate key ideas clearly and consistently across all marketing vehicles and channels. Experiment with multiple email/page layouts that shift the messaging emphasis in the headline, visuals and subheads. Then track the comparative response rates for immediate fine-tuning and future perspective.

Include time-sensitive offers with perceived value.

Looking to increase newsletter subscribership? Drive attendance for a tradeshow event? Maximize participation in a webinar? Think about valuable freebies you can offer early-on to create a sense of urgency and encourage early signups. One possibility is a branded thumb drive with valuable insights and data in the form of video, audio and/or a digital e-book. The key is to offer something that will genuinely reward the email recipient for responding now rather than later.

Use intelligent nurturing to expand on your value proposition.

Once you’ve established a connection with a prospect/customer — and proven yourself to be a valuable source of relevant information — you’re primed to continue the conversation to form a deeper relationship. Also be sure to ask for an email address on your landing pages as a prerequisite for receiving valuable extras. To help make additional connections with prospects who are not yet on your list.

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