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The Business Side of Social Media: 2 of 2

In our previous blogpost, we talked about using social media to create a “magnetic field” for potential buyers. The idea is to attract prospects and keep them engaged, while they’re working through today’s more diverse and complex decision-making process.

Once prospects enter this vibrant sphere of influence, there are number of messaging best practices to consider. These can be used to establish a helpful and engaging presence, with the power to inspire prospects to further action at the right time.

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Stick to what social media is good at.

Social media is no place for an aggressive, hard-sell approach or for information overload. It’s an environment where your message can permeate into the prospect’s mind over the natural course of the decision-making process, while complementing and augmenting your other marketing channels. (i.e. phone contact, email campaigns, webinar, tradeshows, etc.)

Raise your antennae for valuable insights.

Sometimes your social-media participants say things you need to know directly. Other times, you need to do some reading between the lines. Put some “social listening” time into your schedule to gain valuable insights. Check for keywords that could indicate certain prospects are heating up. Also, take the initiative to engage in conversations that help you learn more about your customers’ needs and challenges.

Plant seeds to advance the conversation.

When it comes posting and replying on social media, think Charlie Rose versus Donald Trump. The overriding goal is to encourage conversations that appeal to your target audiences, while quietly leading them to cover the information you need to communicate. Make sure all your internal contributors understand the need for this approach. It’s also wise to look for ways to let your most valuable outside participants know their contributions are noticed and appreciated. 

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