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The dynamic effects of content personalization

Think about your impression of a company when you’re targeted with a painfully generic marketing message. Or worse, one that is clearly not aligned with your actual interests. When you try to serve disparate interests in an all-encompassing message, the people you’re reaching out to will get the same impression.

For these reasons and more, dynamic content personalization is becoming a must-have strategic component for brands/companies who want to grab attention in the midst of today’s digital marketing clutter — engage prospects at all stages of their personal decision journeys — and maintain levels of interest that can turn into fruitful long-term relationships.

Content that adapts to meet personal needs and interests.

With highly automated tools such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in the mix, the ability to quickly aggregate and mine personal data for prospects and visitors is more sophisticated than ever. Leveraging this data to create historical and evolving profiles in real time, content personalization technologies elevate the ability to deliver the right messages to the right prospects to an unprecedented level.

Taking advantage of real-time reactivity.

When used in combination with today’s sophisticated automated marketing platforms, the in-the-moment nature of content personalization technologies provide you with a powerful tool that adapts to ever-evolving personal data. Examples of the way this can be used include:

  • Leveraging previous behavior. Examining past purchases and pages/items previously viewed in order to offer personalized selections, upsells and cross-sells when individual visitors return to your site.
  • Automated landing page creation. Generation of dynamic landing pages that create an individualized messaging stream, based on such factors as geolocation, age demographic, income level — and the source URL that referred the visitor to your site.
  • Highly personalized leadgen emails. The ability to create dynamic email campaigns to thousands of customers that create a personalized experience for each on the fly — by sending data-driven messages to customers, subscribers and prospects.
  • Blog articles to suit individual interests. The ability to serve up tailored blog articles based on data gathered on an individual’s key areas of interest, and/or where that person currently resides in the decision cycle.
  • Rewarding customer loyalty. Data-driven generation of messaging and promotions for long-term, repeat and/or high-volume customers.
  • “Welcome Back” homepages. Automated substitution of alternate homepages to re-engage returning visitors based on their browsing history.
  • A/B testing of page elements. Randomization of homepage elements into different positions/configurations to gauge relative response and increase engagement.

Following through from outreach to web.

Any digital marketing program is only as strong as its weakest link. For instance, a painstaking data-driven effort across outreach channels will quickly be tainted if individuals are then sent to generic catch-all landing pages, irrelevant product offerings, content in the wrong language, ecommerce pages with the wrong currency, etc.

As it holds true for maximizing the results of any facet of your overall program, a key consideration for any content personalization effort is to maintain consistency across the full spectrum of the marketing effort.

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