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Turning customer intent into an SEO advantage

For years now, most digital marketers have designed their websites to drive visitors to certain key pages. Here’s the problem with that plan: individual visitors have a mind of their own. By trying to impose your will on visitors, you’re actually wasting a great deal of site traffic. Along with valuable opportunities to capture subscribers and turn them into bona fide customers.

The fact is, a website with properly optimized keywords and content has the intrinsic ability to engage visitors where they are naturally inclined to land. It’s a matter of using intent-based SEO to drive the right visitors to the most appropriate pages for them — while ensuring you have active conversion points in place to engage them and initiate sales inquiries.

Create “capture” pages as opposed to landing pages.

Very few (if any) visitors want to do an in-depth review of your site. They want to get the information they need, as quickly as possible, and determine whether your offering is a viable one to consider. The idea of a capture page is to create a succinct and informative piece of information — encapsulating what that specific visitor truly needs to know — while presenting interested visitors with call-to-action conversion points to generate immediate inquiries.

Target the right prospects with intent-based keyword phrases.

Wider search terms may attract a greater number of clicks, but a lot of that traffic is wasted. For instance, prospects who visit a landing page as result of searching for “iPhone accessories” could be in search of a simple iPhone case, a Bluetooth enabled keyboard or a tabletop iPhone holder. However a page using a more detailed search term, such as “iPhone case for harsh environments”, is going to attract prospects with a more specific intent — with a greater chance for conversion.

Intent-sify your meta descriptions.

Whatever search terms you use, you’ll be one of multiple options presented in the results. More and more, meta descriptions written in a clear and engaging language are getting more clickthroughs than cryptic listings of isolated keywords. So instead of a list-style meta tag such as “iPhone case, rugged, heavy-duty, industrial use”, try a phrase more on the lines of: “Our varied line of heavy-duty iPhone cases are designed to withstand the rigors of harsh industrial and outdoor environments.” Prospects literally have seconds to decide which search results to click through on. The goal is to engage them from the get-go with a persuasive proposition that aligns with the intent of their online search.

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