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Using drip campaigns to leverage behavior.

In itself, the pairing of triggered emails with a drip campaigns is a valuable digital marketing tool. The way to truly maximize the effect and ROI of drip campaigns, however, is by combining them with a data-driven behavioral marketing strategy that connects with targeted subgroups, personas — and even individual customers/prospects.

By honing your emails to amplify and augment visitor/customer behavior on your site, your inbound marketing messaging strategy can move toward the kind of highly personalized approach that has helped some companies to produce double-digit increases in revenue. Here are various scenarios where a timely email — or even an ancillary drip campaign — can help boost e-commerce engagement, revenue and customer loyalty.

Browse/cart abandonment.

Abandoned website visits and online shopping carts are a particularly fertile opportunity. Create a drip campaign that uses any number of devices to tip the balance in the favor of a sale. Beyond the abandoned item, you could choose to show a selection of alternate products in the same category. Another possibility is to send a preview announcement for an upcoming sale within the same product category or a related one.

Repeat just-looking visitors. Often a customer or prospect will revisit a particular item over time, looking to see if there are any price/discount updates, or simply due to a prolonged period of indecision. In this case, price-change alerts could be in order, and/or messages that include an incremental offer/enticement to overcome the inertia.

Post-purchase followups.

These strategic email messages are another great opportunity to keep the momentum going, while a customer is in a buying mindset. They can range from a simple satisfaction survey, to a personal customer-appreciation coupon, to a Customer Loyalty Sale announcement.

Waning engagement.

Is your analytics platform showing customers who aren’t engaging as often? Have other visitors been absent for a number of months? Create reactivation campaigns with verbiage/propositions that are tailored to specific scenarios. Ranging from a gentle nudge for customers who have been active in the past. To a more spirited effort to keep others from falling off the radar.

It’s all about personal relevance.

When your triggered-email drip campaigns adopt a more personal one-to-one approach, it also becomes more permissible to increase the frequency of your emails. Since the messages sent are more relevant to an individual’s needs and interests, recipients are more apt to welcome and look forward to them. Since you took the time to consider their needs, recipients also feel valued — which bodes well for establishing and maintaining a long-term customer relationship.

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