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Using retargeting to re-ignite promising leads.

Creating a High-Impact Content Marketing Strategy: 5 of 5

The web-based B2B sales process is largely personified as complex and with long lead times. What’s more, as many as 98% of site visitors will leave without a conversion. This is why brands/marketers need an effective way to renew the interest of thse once-enthusiastic visitors. Many are high-value prospects, who are continuing to explore the sites of other viable competitors.

Learn more about our approach to retargeting

Retargeting is an effective component of a digital marketing strategy to address this challenge. It is a proven process that yields substantial boosts in conversion rates over a relatively short period of time.

Stay connected to potential customers

Retargeting works by keeping track of people who’ve visited your site via a tracking pixel.  Once a visitor comes to your site, this tracking pixel cookies their browser.  As your site visitor moves offsite and elsewhere on the web, display spaces on other website can show ads leading back to your site, as referenced in the browser cookie.  You are able to display relevant and timely messages to your previous visitors through various retargeting services and digital ad networks.

Dynamic retargeting takes things a step further: a visitor's page-view history on your site can be used to generate display ad messaging and assets based on the specific pages they've visited.  If you’ve noticed retail items you’ve researched on a particular website are suddenly popping up when you visit other websites, then you have a basic sense of how dynamic retargeting works.

Develop a retargeting strategy

Here are some steps you can take creating an effective plan:

  • Make an inventory of your current marketing and digital advertising activities, including banner ads, digital ad networks and websites/channels
  • Analyze the prospects you’re tracking to determine what other sites they’re visiting and engaging with.
  • Create new sequences of strategic messaging that align with where these prospects are in the decision process, in terms of mindset and potential for conversion.
  • Take an objective look at retargeting platforms, display networks and technologies that are most likely to help maximize the effort.
  • Test different banner-ad sizes and messages to see what is generating the best results. Regular evaluation of results and re-evalution of your strategy is a natural.

The real power of a retargeting campaign is in its ability to keep your brand/proposition in front of genuinely interested prospects, as their propensity for conversion continues to grow. While leveraging the initial investment that brought them to your site to begin with, your brand gains more traction and awareness. This repeated and focused exposure has been proven to produce high click-through rates, while increasing conversion rates within a relatively brief period of time.

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