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Why fresh website content is more crucial than ever

Ever since the practice of SEO began to attain a higher level of sophistication, it has been imperative for websites to maintain a critical mass of relevant content. As Google’s ranking signals continue to expand and evolve, the freshness of your content has become just as important.

Here are some valuable perspectives on how content freshness can help improve your overall rankings — while also getting visitors to engage with your site more deeply and/or more frequently.

Bring real change to the core.

Keeping your webpages fresh and up-to-date can be more powerful than adding new pages to your site. The key is to update and refresh your content frequently, while still maintaining a connection to the page’s original intention in terms of its big-picture message.

When updating, be aware that minor tweaks — or changes to ancillary elements such as JavaScript, timestamps or boilerplate sections — are not going to move the needle. Create a strategic plan to continually update and freshen up the body-copy sections of your site’s key landing pages and subpages.

Keep being newsworthy.

The increased importance of freshness as a ranking signal is a significant reason why every site should include a news or blog section. As always, this assumes your content is augmented on a regular basis with fresh news and perspectives. If new content can be related to hot industry or macro topics, this ups the freshness quotient even more. There is an SEO synergy that happens when many sites are writing about the same trending topic.

Focus on consistent change as much as possible.

Consider how often the content changes for an active news site like The Wall Street Journal or even a vertical market site with a substantial following. Even if you’re not running a news site, work to maintain a healthy rate of continuous content change.

Work to attract fresh links.

As with any other facet of SEO and content marketing, relevance is king. One way you can demonstrate relevance is through the propensity of your site to add incoming links at a steady or increasing rate. When incoming links come from sites that have high freshness rankings in their own right, even better. Effective strategies can be devised and implemented to accomplish this in an organic way.

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