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Why it's time to focus on the page.

SEO Strategies for Secure Search: 2 of 4.

In the initial blog post in this series, we looked at the chain of events — and the subsequent changes required in SEO strategy — as a result of Google making the move to full-scale, secure-search encryption. Since Google no longer provides data at the macro keyword level, it’s now imperative to focus your SEO efforts on the individual pages within your site.

Pairing pages with keywords

Page rankings are still as important as ever. And keywords have not gone away entirely. But with major changes in the web analytics ecosystem brought on by Google Secure Search, intelligent SEO is all about pairing the right keywords with the specific content of a page.

Google is now looking at these page/keyword pairings to determine page ranks. So these pairings are now the key SEO focus, as opposed to the former strategy of applying macro keywords to the totality of your site. As part of your analytics effort, you’ll also want to research and identify keywords that are ranking for certain pages which are not currently being tracked.

Dealing with a world of devices

In today’s online marketing environment, mobile devices are becoming an increasingly influential part of the mix. According to some industry reports, mobile data traffic doubled in 2013, accounting for as much as 30% of total traffic.

That’s why another important consideration is how well each page is performing/ranking on today’s wide world of devices. A well-crafted page may perform well on a desktop. But that same page may experience a severe dropoff in traffic, conversions and revenue on smartphones and tablets.

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