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Zeroing-in to make the greatest impact.

There are reasons why many website optimization initiatives produce less-than-exciting results. Some efforts set the bar too low — keying on minutia such as incessant A/B testing of button colors and the like. Others lose focus by trying to tackle too many elements at once. The key to success is to use the analytics and insights you’ve gained to zero-in on the most promising areas for improvement. This enables you to find and focus-on the optimization opportunities with the real power to transform your lead/conversion funnels. A few ideas to consider:

Choose the metrics you really need to improve. 

Start by listing and ranking every potential area for optimization. Then concentrate on the pages, elements and funnels that can directly contribute to increasing traffic flow, your chosen metrics and conversion rates.

Determine why dropoffs are high on certain pages. 

When a page has a high dropoff rate, you’ll often find its message/promise isn’t speaking directly to the needs of its visitors. If so, you’ll want to better align the content with what they’re expecting to find.

Make sure you’re attracting the right audience. 

Sometime the message and promise are correct for a given page, but you’re simply attracting the wrong people. In that case, you really need to analyze and optimize the source(s) of inbound traffic — in order attract visitors who are attuned to what you’re offering.

Streamline the path to the Promised Land. 

Site visitors want to get to what they need to know as quickly as possible. How much you can streamline their path to conversion? Can the verbiage be more succinct and impactful? Are there steps, form fields or even pages that can be eliminated? Try rethinking your conversion flow by working backwards from the user’s desired end-experience. Chances are, you’ll find a number of elements are slowing down, or even derailing, the conversion process.

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