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Neptune Web provides digital marketing strategies for several channels including social media and search (SEO, SEM and PPC).

Digital Marketing Strategies

Many organizations are leveraging the Internet as the focal point of their marketing strategy. ROI-conscious companies have selected Neptune Web to leverage the value of search engine marketing & placement, email marketing and social medial channels as keys to generating awareness, leads and sales, and are, thus, directing resources and energy into these online areas.


Where we come in:

  • Social Media Strategy:  A fusion of sociology and technology, the rise of social media has forever changed the way people interact with brands. We help our clients choose the appropriate platforms and leverage them to the fullest potential. 
  • Search Engine Marketing: Strategically develop your site's content to specifically target the visitors you want, and ultimately encouraging those visitors to engage with you and your brand
  • Search Engine Optimization: The process whereby the information contained on your site is “optimized” so that search result placement is improved. This involves strategic and technical analysis of each web page. 
  • Paid Search: When determined to be an effective marketing tool, we help our clients develop and monitor Pay-per-click campaigns. Through continuous evaluation we determine the best steps for improvement throughout the life of the campaign.


Finding and leveraging the appropriate channel for your marketing content is key to success and ROI.

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What consulting means to us.

Neptune Web believes in the basics of consulting: someone who provides professional or expert advice. We bring the highest level of client care to every client engagement, working with you to determine your needs, issues, solutions, and measures of success.

We truly believe that proper planning and doing your homework well is essential to the success of any web project. Our experts will work closely with you to develop a unique digital strategy designed to meet specific business requirements and goals. By asking smart, intuitive and strategic driven questions we are able to build our clients custom solutions that maximize the return on their Web investment.


Our engagement process:

1. Illuminate: Provide strategic planning and needs analysis.

2. Define: Clarify and distill a blueprint for design, technical features, and implementation processes

3. Implement: Transform brand and technical strategy into a visual language and distinct personality

4. Radiate: Implement brand and technical strategy

5. Partner: Nurture, evaluate, and evolve this strategy 


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