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To be successful and cost efficient, strategic business decisions need to be based on hard data and thorough analysis, not on guesses or gut instinct.  As an online marketer, you need to know how visitors find their way to your website. Even more importantly, you need to know the source of those visitors who ultimately will “convert” (purchase, download, register, call or perform the action that's the ultimate objective of your website) and why they acted as they did.  You need to know how much it costs to deliver and convert each visitor, and you need to know which campaign or strategy produces the highest return for each marketing dollar you invest.

Success = a Happy Visitor

Knowing how visitors navigate your site is crucial to the ongoing maintenance of your web presence.  Web design isn’t a ‘one-and-done’ process.  After the initial site is launched, it is important to continually monitor metrics and update the site based on this intelligence.  Once you know the needs and habits of your site’s visitors, you can make appropriate updates and adjustments to boost site traffic, maximize user satisfaction and keep visitors coming back until they’re ready to be converted to sale.

Analytics & Neptune Web’s eMarketing Automation Software

Know what your site’s visitors are doing?  Great!  Now you need a tool to make sure you’re always giving them what they want.  Learn how Neptune Web eMarketing Automation Software can help you increase the value and return of your new or existing web presence.

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