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Web design is the merging of content strategy, branding and best-practice user experience and interface principles.  Static designs can be enhanced through user interactivity and other media such as animations or videos.  A well-defined content and layout strategy acts as a guide for creating site visuals -- from global elements to individual page content.

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Strategy-Driven Design

Clear definition of visitor paths and site goals is a key factor in any effective web design. A site's pages need to convey relevancy to a visitor's interest and provide clear call-to-actions that will guide them to their next step in their visit.

If a user does not know where to go next, the design has failed the strategy.  As search engines becomes more sophisticated, user experience can become a search results ranking factor -- if a site's design is not intuitive and without clear calls to action, both onsite visitor satisfaction and offsite search rankings can suffer.

Best practices for Maximum Effectiveness

Neptune Web's creative team brings several years of web and agency experience to the table. Our proven success record across industries gives us insight into the best approach for creating a compelling design as well as the programmatic requirements for turning it into a functioning, engaging web page -- all while staying within your existing brand guidelines. 

Neptune Web's creative team can take your branding efforts a step further with logo design, asset development (buttons, banners) and offline collateral development.

Understanding how Technology Affects The User Interface

Mobile traffic now makes up over 50% of overall web visits across the world.  A responsive interface is critical to a site's success and effectiveness.  As a site's layout changes to fit in smaller screens, effort needs to be taken in assuring a consistent user experience, regardless of screen size.  Content in a mobile interface needs to be prioritized and presented in a manner that is as clear and engaging as its desktop layout.

Neptune Web also has experience in design and development for accessibility. Guidelines such as WCAG and standards like Section 508 present unique challenges both at  branding and coding levels.  We have developed tools for testing sites against such requirements and can help you meet requirements - either through code modification or redesign.

User Experience Services

  • ADA Compliance/Accessibility
  • Alignment Diagrams
  • Content Audit
  • Cross-Device Experience
  • Customer Journeys
  • Experience Maps
  • Eye-Tracking
  • Information Architecture
  • Persona Development
  • Usability Testing
  • Use Case Development
  • User Research
  • Wireframes