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A social media marketing plan begins with goal-setting and research.  Neptune Web will work with you to develop a strategy that aligns with your overall digital marketing goals. 

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Strategy Definition

Research is a key component to planning and development -- understanding your audience and customers, as well as your competition's social presence, can provide insight as you create your own approach.

Social Media Brand Building

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allow you to present your own branding elements on profile pages as well as the messaging your deploy.  Neptune Web can help you take advantange of all the opportunities given by these services to share your core brand identity and messaging through logo development profile image composition, color selections and profile content development.

Content Positioning, Development and Optimization

One size does not fit all in social media. Your messaging and calls-to-action must be modified and optimized platform to platform!  Requirements can vary both in terms of content length as well as presentation: Wheras some link posts display as simple text, others will leverage content snippets to present supporting multimedia and other helpful data that are embedded in the link destination.  Neptune Web has both the editorial and technical capabilities to help develop informative, enaging messaging that takes advantage of the tools each social media platform offers.

Distribution & Dissemination

Strategy and research define both the audience and timing of your posts and social PPC ads. Neptune Web can work with you to create a deployment schedule that reaches your segmented audiences for maximum engagement.

Measure results

Evaluation of campaign results is key to determining strategic improvements.  As social media is used to drive visits to your own site, measurement of post and ad engagement needs to be combined with measurement of visitor activity on your site. Neptune Web can help determine which reporting data is most relevant to your campaign goals, as well as what associated site activity is relevant to your overall web marketing goals.  Neptune Web's Sofilytics eMarketing Automation Software can provide even deeper visitor insights.

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