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CRM & Marketing Automation Software offer all the features, functionality and integrations to run complete inbound marketing programs to grow website traffic, qualify sales prospects while offering you the ability to easily manage your day to day sales and marketing admin activities.

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With Sales & Marketing productivity tools leveraging AI-driven technology, you’ll be able to ...

  • Easily analyze website traffic data at the individual visitor level
  • Accurately identify, process and improve conversions of qualified leads to become real opportunities.
  • Effortlessly push personalized email drip campaigns based on visitor traffic data.
  • View ALL your Digital Marketing Reports and Analytics seamlessly in one place.
  • Take advantage of the most competitive pricing in the Industry.

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Turn reams of traffic data into goal-driven insights.

With a solid foundation in Analytics. Build a database of every visitor action that takes place on your website. You have the ability to specify queries that look at your inbound activity in a macro view. To refine your view to targeted subgroups. And even to review the action-by-action chronology of individual visitors.


Intelligent workflows to automate the lead nurturing process.

To achieve high conversion rates, you need the ability to continuously pinpoint what stage your prospects are at — and to provide timely individualized content to moves them deeper into the sales funnel. We can help you set up strategic workflows — for specific customers, personas and conditions — to help guide their discovery process to a conversion/sale.

Powerful, intuitive direct email marketing and campaign management for relevant one-to-one messaging.

  • Build and personalize
  • A/B Testing
  • Easy campaign management with built-in automation


Low cost, user-friendly sales funnel and project management

Stay on top of prospects, customers and projects with an all-in-one relationship management tool by seamlessly managing all contacts, opportunities and communication from a single dashboard. A CRM has built-in integration with Visitor Insights that allows you to see customer conversions in real-time.


Create individualized content through dynamic landing page management.

In today’s highly interactive marketing environment, the static concept of a website as a online brochure is woefully outdated. You need the ability to quickly generate relevant segmented content that can be seamlessly integrated in your digital campaign workflows.

A Fully-integrated marketing automation for a fraction of the usual cost.

With in depth features and capabilities marketing automation and crm platforms offer an opportunity to maximize your e-marketing results in a highly integrated way. Yet the cost of a comprehensive and powerful system is far less.

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