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Neptune Web can help with a broad range of systems integration.  We can help you to implement new business information solutions. We'll focus on how to leverage your existing systems and apply the best architecture to provide you with the right solution to meet your business goals. And since we're not affiliated with any software vendors, we can also objectively recommend new technology approaches when necessary.  We listen to - and understand - your unique set of conditions before we plan, design and build the complex systems you need to meet your business requirements.

Our Systems Integration solutions include:

CRM/SFA Integrations

Connect your CRM or SFA systems into your various management platforms and integrate third party business data into the workflow of your sales team

API Development & Integration

Create toolkits to access data in your legacy systems and integrate external APIs to connect your internal systems with those of partners and information providers

Data Automation

Automate data entry and other manual processes

Enterprise Application Integration

Allow multiple applications across your enterprise to work together

Feed Integration

Leverage your subscriptions with business information providers by integrating their feeds into a central interface or application

Intranet Integration

Connect your intranet or portal to our existing back-end systems to provide employees with centralized dashboards for accessing company data.