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Search engine optimization starts with a thorough strategic analysis of your marketing goals, site, audience and competition. Neptune Web will work with you to determine an effective SEO strategy that will increase your site’s ranking in search results as well as turn leads into conversions.

Technical Optimization

A technical audit can reveal whether your site is following best SEO practices from a coding perspective. Neptune Web’s tools and reporting will provide a clear picture of the “crawlability” of your content. Whether your site is purely static or platform-based, our experienced developers can understand and recognize the requirements to optimize your site’s functionality and code structure, resulting in a search engine friendly site.

Content Strategy and Development

Neptune Web’s digital content team is experienced in writing high quality content for SEO. Audience search behavor, queries, and content best practices are top-of-mind when we develop content, from individual pages to overall strategy. Our digital marketing strategists have the knowledge to craft content that is optimized for crawling and avoids appearing manipulative.

Neptune Web also looks at your overall marketing strategy big picture for other content-development opportunities – these can be in the form of blogging and other content syndication like social media.


Neptune Web will work with you to develop a backlinking strategy to increase visibility across the web.

Ongoing SEO

Internal factors such as new content and external factors such as search engine algorithm changes and competition can affect site SEO in the long-term.  Once content has been technically optimized and a strategy determined, regularly-scheduled reporting and revisiting of strategy are a must in order to maintain and increase search engine rankings. Neptune Web will determine an appropriate ongoing program based on initial strategy and competition.

From concept-undetstanding of content to a technical understanding of the machinations of search engines, Neptune Web's SEO experts are uniquely positioned to work with your organization to accomplish increased search engine visibility and improved page rankings.

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