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Making Web Content More Salesworthy: 1 of 2

Any experienced online marketer knows that content is king. The fact is, this key philosophy for attracting inbound traffic and leads is also producing a lot of clutter for today’s over-communicated prospects. It’s a degree of clutter that makes it hard to get site visitors to pay attention to your company and message.

Here are a few tried-and-true messaging techniques to help your organization position itself as a vibrant and valuable solution for the visitors you attract — as opposed to just being a place to grab some current information.

Address specific challenges with real benefits.

People will resent being “sold to” when it’s done in a general way with a lot of hype. A more solid approach is to key in on specific universal problems in a given industry or scenario, then offer solutions to those problems based on the points of difference you offer.

Build trust and consensus with self-evident statements.

Every prospect you get in front of has a set of ingrained belief systems. These are often held and nurtured despite the fact that a business environment and a market have changed entirely.

To create a receptive mindset for a crucial why-you-need-to-change message, try acknowledging what the prospect already knows (and believes) with a problem/solution setup like this:

For decades, specialty chemical manufacturers have accepted the idea that paddle agitation methods simply can’t produce the quality and yield levels they need. At Company XYZ, we’ve developed enabling technologies that are meeting and exceeding the results of traditional methods. We also have the data to prove it. 

Leverage the yin-and-yang of data and declarations.

When marketers string together a bunch of ad-like claims, they can be discounted rather quickly. Likewise, the presentation of a mass of dense data can be overwhelming for a time-pressed site visitor. A better idea is to clearly organize your data in digestible chunks, integrating the relevant messaging points and solutions as you go along. This provides a more natural opportunity for your key benefits to be absorbed by prospects, while also giving them the mental space to apply the key benefits to their own current reality.

Take the risk out of your proposition.

When do people decide to take a new course with their business or adjust to new operational realities? The answer is: when they absolutely have to.

That’s why Job One for every marketer is to show prospects why:

  • Now that reality has changed, status quo is already history.
  • Not doing anything is the most dangerous path they can take.
  • They need to collaborate with you for a proven solution to move them ahead.

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