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Building Content That Influencers Want to Share

In our previous blog article on link-building, we looked at strategies you can use to initiate valuable relationships that could lead to backlinking. This second article in our three-part series on Link-Building Strategies offers thoughts on how to make your content more shareworthy in order to boost its distribution and maximize its effect.

There are a number of creative avenues you can explore to accomplish this. Here are some of the varied actions you can take to increase the shareability factor across your content development effort.

Resource or round-up lists.

You can find out just about everything you need to know today via an internet search. However, in many cases, a seemingly simple search can quickly turn into a case of information overload. Consider whether a focused, curated resource list for a specific area of interest would be valuable to your customers, prospects and/or associates. If you can produce a list with true value, they’ll find it useful today while saving it for future reference.

Infographics that make a visual connection.

Key facts, especially surprising ones, can generate a level of interest that quickly goes viral. This is particularly true when they’re presented via an arresting infographic. Take advantage of the instant impact that well-designed infographics can make — along with the pass-around potential of this easily shareable and linkable messaging format.

Interviews that add life in multiple ways.

Blog visitors value personal perspectives and advice from industry experts and influencers — who are equally interested in sharing their knowledge and expanding their own spheres of influence. First, compose a well-thought-out list of questions designed to elicit next-level thoughts by engaging your guest in a lively and meaningful discussion.

The resulting exchange can be used and repurposed in many ways. A well-edited interview can be turned into an “upclose and personal” video, an audio-only podcast, and/or a classic Q&A post. In the case of videos and podcasts, it’s a good idea to also include a transcript of the interview to gain additional SEO value and boost your search rankings.

Write an e-book with a unique perspective.

The process of writing an e-book takes real commitment. But if you have a distinct point of view to communicate backed by solid knowledge, logic and writing, an e-book is an exceptional asset that can pay huge dividends. The credibility factor of the book in total is just one factor. Excerpts from the book, on a variety of internal topics, can also be repurposed as link bait for your overall digital marketing effort.

Podcasts that weave into the listener’s day.

The current rise of podcasting is no accident. The highly consumable nature of this media channel ties in nicely to today’s on-the-go world. Podcasts enable people to utilize in-between time while driving, commuting, exercising, cooking — or doing any number of necessary and sometimes mundane tasks. If you’re able to interest a listener enough to become a subscriber, your podcast can also become an ongoing connection to that prospect, customer or industry associate.

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