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Tapping into the power of habit.

How do you spend your average workday? Or for that matter, how do you spend your free time? Most likely, you’ve developed several daily and nightly habits without even thinking about them. The fact is, so have the prospects and customers you’re looking to communicate with on a regular basis.

Here are a few ways you can leverage the power of habit to strengthen both the initial impact and ongoing engagement of your digital marketing communications:

Connect with existing habits.

Researching the habits of your target audiences can help to up your engagement and conversion quotients in a number of ways. Are there particular times of day when your prospects/customers tend to check their inboxes? If so, targeting those times of days for your email blasts can greatly enhance open rates and conversions. Are you marketing to millennials? Then you’ll want to prioritize mobile-friendly channels to reach these up-and-comers who are always on their devices.

Establish strong reward expectations.

Leading consumer-behavior experts have found that loyalty/reward programs are a powerful way to encourage continued engagement across digital marketing campaigns. The key is to set up a consistent pattern of reward-and-gratification cues that can become a predictable element in the lives of your prospects, customers and followers. Think of it as being a benevolent Pavlov of sorts — supplying your audiences with value-added opportunities in alignment with their established preferences and desires.

Targeted offers based on past purchases.

This is an area where genuine knowledge of your audience, and effective segmentation based on that, are especially invaluable. Many marketers make the mistake of blasting out general “tout le monde” offers to their customers, based solely on what the marketer is trying to move. As in all facets of digital marketing, the more you can pinpoint a relevant offer to a particular customer or audience group, the more effective your initiative will be.

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