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The power of LinkedIn for segmentation and retargeting

Over the past 4 or 5 years, LinkedIn has been slowly and strategically transformed itself into a go-to platform for business news. This is very good news for a small to midsize business.

For starters, by setting up a free LinkedIn Company Page, a typical SMB can access the platform’s exceptional tools for audience segmentation. Beyond that, the traffic/audiences created on LinkedIn can be retargeted via lower-cost tools to kick-start and accelerate the growth of your social media following.

Start with Sponsored Updates.

As opposed to the typical ignore-ability factor that plagues many ad-based formats today, Sponsored Updates on LinkedIn are viewed as credible information vehicles by the majority of its users. In addition to this built-in credibility factor, these updates can be targeted to segmented audiences in a myriad of ways. Potential segments include by industry, company, job title, department and even by seniority level. As with all social media channels, you’ll want to follow best practices for credible posting.

Retarget your traffic through lower-cost media.

Depending on your bid-per-click level and click-through rate (CTR), the cost of a click on LinkedIn can range from $4 to $8. However, by streaming your traffic through a lower-cost retargeting channel — such as those offered by Google AdWords, Twitter or Facebook — your per-click cost can be reduced to $1 or less. The best part is, the HTML targeting tags already created via LinkedIn can be retained and accessed in the retargeting platform.

Refine your audience personas.

Once you’ve ported your traffic over to a retargeting platform, you gain the ability to amass a substantial amount of low-cost impressions. This in turn gives you the data/analysis capabilities to further define your audience personas, vis-a-vis the results and targeting intelligence generated by each. Additional refinement, to maximize engagement and conversion rates, can then be accomplished through any number of strategic digital marketing techniques — including A/B testing of different delivery channels, design/messaging approaches and so on.

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