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Is your site attracting the right crowd?

You know how the typical optimization effort goes. It starts with some random A/B testing, which is largely based on hunches and intuition. Based on the results, the web team experiments with things like button colors, layouts and calls-to-action. All in an effort to maximize overall conversion rates.

What you really need to ensure is that your website is attracting site visitors, prospects and followers who are truly in sync with your mission. These are visitors with a natural inclination to become evangelists for your brand, product and/or service. Here are some key considerations:

Find out what makes you indispensible.

What unique role does your product or service play in the lives/work of your prospects and followers? What is the main thing visitors want to learn or do when they come to your site?

Ensure the path of least resistance.

Today’s site visitors want to be able to cut to the chase — without climbing through volumes of content, user input and annoying registration forms. Always design your content flow and engagement paths with this foremost in mind.

Use funnel vision to build an effective plan.

Take a comprehensive look at the way visitors actually find and engage with your site. They’re most likely flowing in through a number of conversion funnels. Here’s how to identify the funnels with the most potential for improvement:

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